The Christmas Tree Project

Jeremy got another little taste of the rest of his life again a few weeks ago…………………….

We sent my dad to Amarillo this year for his birthday.  He’s been hinting around for years that he’d really like to go down and watch the ranch rodeo finals.  So it seemed like the perfect birthday present!

He and Rox had a great time, but that really has nothing to do with this post 🙂 ….Sorry dad & Rox, glad you had fun and all……… But,

The important part was what Rox brought home.

She bought the coolest Christmas tree down there at one of the trade shows.  It’s 3′ tall & made of wrapped up barbed wire.  I love it!

So of course my next thought is……. “hey, I could make one of those!”

Which is where that love of my life Jeremy comes in to the picture, because in reality I was saying “hey, Jeremy could make one of those”

Which really wouldn’t be a big deal…….. if I just wanted a 3′ tree.

And the project begins.

I spent a few good evening designing out the perfect tree.  The biggest problem was that it had to fit through the basement doorway for storage.  But I wanted a much bigger tree than what would fit through that doorway!

So in the end, again, Jeremy & I designed the perfect tree.  HaHa I gave him my design, complete with illustrations and instructions.  And the he built it his way!  But it turned out AMAZING!


My dad came over a few Sunday’s ago.  So we put him to work.  It looks like he was in charge of ….. holding it up maybe?

They only received a few cuts and scrapes during this process.

I checked before hand, Jeremy is current on his Tetanus Vaccine and dad didn’t know when his last one was, but he was willing to take the risk.

This part took a good long while.  My job at this point was to take pictures and have a snack.


In the house all put together.



The decorating was my part of the project.

I only got myself all tangled up once while wrapping it with lights, rope and burlap.  Barbed wire and fleece pajama pants, what can I say.  But only once is a pretty big deal.


It’s beautiful all lit up!

As you can see, it’s definitely more than 3′ tall.

Turned out probably 7′ tall, maybe almost 4′ at the bottom and it comes apart into three sections for easy storage and carrying, it is very heavy.




My Snow Pants Wouldn’t Button… Yikes!

You know how things sometimes just well…… get away from you.

Well I recently discovered, while on vacation getting ready for a snowmobile adventure, that my snow pants refused to button.


However you can’t even tell right.  Lol, I just rolled with it.

So anyway.  It was apparent to me that something had to change!  I really don’t want to have to buy new snow pants.  I only wear them once a year for goodness sakes.


So this my friends is the menu for the day.

And it is VERY pretty, if I must say so myself.

Just in case you didn’t notice….. I seem to be in the middle of some kind of Mason Jar obsession right not.  they seem to work for EVERYTHING!


These are the Bloody Marys I mixed up for vacation.  No mixing necessary, shake it up & there you have it…. heavenly deliciousness!

No, the camp dry in the background is not part of my Bloody Mary recipe.  That’s for Jeremy snow pant….. they did fit.  hrrrumph….. men, their pants always fit.

This has nothing to do with my new eating plan.  Just wanted to show you that the mason jar thing is a bit out of control.  Not necessarily a bad thing though.

So back to my snow pant not buttoning.

I could barely get all that to fit in my lunch bag.  But with some careful packing away I went to work with my healthy & pretty lunch.


When I got home from work…… I was STARVING!!!

But my dear Jeremy proposed that we take these handsome boys for a little run.

Lol, I don’t want you to be mistaken…. they run, I don’t, I just follow along behind them and try to climb the hills and not fall down the other side.

But aren’t they handsome.



We stopped by the barn to do chores before our hike.  The Bear & Diesel though they were getting a new diet plan too.  They were really excited.

This is Jeremy shooooing them away “Get out of there, you guys aren’t horses.  Hey quit it, Em Bear’s trying to eat all the grain.”

Also, this is apparently a very comfortable way to sit while eating all the grain.  Geesh





Yea……. that was pretty much the end of my new eating plan.


This was the start of supper.

It was amazing………

Turns out….. I’m just tooooooo hungry.

I’ll just have to go on more hikes with all my handsome boys.

And maybe learn how to sew…. just in case I need some kind of extender on my snow pants before vacation next year.

Bad Fruit Soon….I Don’t Think So!

So we recently came back from vacation and discovered a few poor innocent apples and oranges that would soon meet their demise.

I just couldn’t stand for it.

And if I didn’t do something with them before they went bad I would have to see that “look” from my dear Jeremy.  The “look” that has no words….. but it says “Em, did you buy too much stuff again & most of it went bad?”

The “look” makes me very sad.

Then I suddenly had visions of Apple Butter & Orange Marmalade… then my tummy growled.

Then I started thinking about everything I could make to put them on!  Then……..

Whoa Whoa Who… Sometimes my mind goes CRAZY & I have to rewind to the original thought.

So back to apples & oranges.


The apple butter came first.

By the way, check it out!  That is one single strand of apple peel & a bald apple.  Yep!  It’s the small things that matter & this really mattered!

Turns out this wasn’t enough apples for even half of the recipe I was using.  So I had to smuggle in a couple others that I bought last weekend.  But whatever it takes right?


Next was the marmilade.

I love these striped oranges.  They seem… I don’t know… tropical?  I have no idea why.

I also got to use this utensil that I’ve had since about 2007 without a single use.  As a matter of fact, until now I never really realized what it’s purpose was.

It’s all about making sure all my kitchen utensils feel important & needed. 🙂


Here is the beautiful grand finale.  I ended up with a good amount of marmalade.

Which of course freed (spellling?) my brain to venture into everything I could do with this wonderful “re-purposed” fruit.

My vision includes little pieces of breaded & fried chicken, sesame seeds, the leftover fried rice in the freezer & a new crab rangoon recipe that I’ve been dying to try out!  OH MY!


This picture includes the lone jar of apple butter.  It didn’t make much, but it will make me happy for at least a day or two.

And notice the canning tongs bombed this picture.

I just now realized I am really humanizing my kitchen utensils.


This poor spatula made the ultimate sacrifice.  It was a sad moment.  But I appreciate all of it’s hard work.

So….. Did I let that precious fruit go to waste?  I don’t think so!

And no of course I am NOT thinking of what do just in case this happens to any more of my fruit purchases.

I do however have three bananas in the freezer…. I have a master plan for them.

To be continued……..

Supper For My Sweety

My dear sweet husband Jeremy put up a Facebook post last night that caused somewhat of a ….. eh I don’t know.  It got a lot of comments.

Basically he REALLY like the supper I made for us.

So as promised, here are some pictures of our delightful dish.

Pardon the photography….. I’m getting better.  Don’t come near me… I’ll take your picture!


This is stuffed chicken breast.  (The stuffing is cream cheese, diced tomatoes & green chilies & green onions.)

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

Asparagus & grape tomatoes with garlic parmesan sauce.


I also have pictures of some of the “giants” I got to use for this plate full of deliciousness.


Check out this giant spud.  I have a whole bag of these, they’re great, it only takes one potato for both Jeremy & I… and that usually leaves left overs.

I had to use this particular potato………..


….. because when I was digging through the bag I dropped this poor guy down the stairs.  As you can see, it bounced a few time.

Very tasty though!


And then there’s these giant cloves of garlic.  I LOVE garlic, these are like two little angels on my counter top.

Supper with my sweety was very very tasty.

However we may still be dragon breathing with all that garlic.


The Sleepover at Grandpa’s


So… Friday night was a pretty big night, for all involved.


 This has been a long time coming.

So Friday night we all went out to Larry’s for supper.  Lacey made scrumptious pork burgers & curly fries.  Oh so yummy!  Everyone was happy &…….very full.

But after supper was the exciting part.  We were all leaving.  Except Chancie & grandpa!

They were going to have their very first sleepover, just the two of them!  Oh Boy!


They sat in the chair for quite a while discussing their plan for the night.


There it is!  The sleeping bag!  (I’m so proud)

This is how we left them.  She looks wild & awake & well….. Chancie like.

I talked to the grandpa the next afternoon.  He said everything went great.  

Much to my disappointment it sounded like they had a very uneventful & early night.

Becky’s Phone #2

I stayed at Larry’s house last night during the “end of the earth” snow storm.  (Larry a.k.a. my dad, my friend Jeremy says that I’m the only person he’s ever met that refers to her dad by his first & last name)

He brought something out to show me…. you’ll never guess what he found.

Yep… another phone.

So since we have a lot of Becky’s “Stuff” to explore yet, I have decided to dedicate an entire category to Becky!  She would love that! For now I am just going to call it “Becky’s Stuff” however I would love love love to find the perfect name for this collection of stories during our discovery period.

Please leave ideas in my comments.

I know one of you beautiful people can help me come up with the perfect title.

So here we go with part #2.

In no particular order…

ImageI suppose we are just chillaxin’ on a nice sunny spring day… lol probably windy too, judging by my lovely hair. (If I say it’s windy then maybe you won’t think that I just didn’t comb it on this nice relaxing day… hehe did it work?)


It took Larry & me a while to figure out what was going on here.  Did she fall down?  Did one of the dogs fun her over?  “Oh yea, I was tracing her with the sidewalk chalk” he says.


CHEEZE… the sloberier the better.  I think that’s a word.


Nap time at the Turner house.


I remember this face!  “Emmy, you want to see my monster face?”


Yep, that’s a lawn chair, in a pool, with a floating duck, & a cold drink.



Dad says they were out checking mineral in this one.  He would like the top one of them walking together in a frame.  I told him I could probably take care of that.  Pretty soon Chancie will  be able to autograph it.  She can totally say her entire ABC’s!!!



I have no comment.


Looks like these two need to be a little more careful.


I stopped by after church.  Looks like miss Chancie may have just rolled out of bed.  But happy.


She’s being very well protected.


What a couple of turkeys.  Chancie & Kooouuudy (most of us know this stud muffin as Kody, but Chancie used to add a few extra twangs in there.)


Out for an afternoon ride on Little Jack.  He’s probably hoping this is all that’s planned for him this day, “please don’t put me to work please don’t put me to work, please please pleeeeeeeeeease.”


I hope she has her tongue in her mouth.  She could catch a surprise.


If you don’t clean out your ears, potatoes will grow in there.  What do you think grows if you don’t clean out your nose….. looks like carrots.


“Well goooolly”


She looks awful sneaky, but I think even grandpa could catch her in those shoes.


“How!  My name is Chancie Little Foot & Lacey Big Foot.  We’re not sure which tribe we belong to but it’s probably a darn good one.”


I would bet any amount of money that they are watching Sponge Bob.  So how did mom get the Cabbage Patch doll to look at the camera but not Chancie.


Trick Or Treat.  Beatle Juice Beatle Juice Beatle Juice.


Andaleeee Andaleeee Ariba Ariba…..


Who’s there?!  Who’s there?!


Lounging around.


ROAR!!! “No No No I’m a nice lion.”


“Let’s blow this joint!  If only my darn car would start. “


So…… do you only get to use this at Christmas time?






He is still a momma’s boy.


A bean bag, in the kitchen.  Must have been movie night with mom.


She must have been proud.  I now have these!  Jeremy was nowhere near as excited as I was to be the new owner of these awesome measuring spoons.  What can I say, easily pleased.


Mom!  There’s some kind of creature on your lap….. oh wait, that’s just Big Corb


“You will let me kiss you, especially if I’m holding you by your neck”


“Seriously, how do you watch TV?  Well if it’s not on the lap of a giant giraffe with your sippy & high heels on, it’s the wrong way”


Kisses for grandma!


Cousin Jack….. riding Little Jack.  They seem to get along very well.




The kitchen must have been extra ordinarily sunny.


“Yo, what’s up?”


Ha, Jeremy hates “posing” for pictures.  But watch him try to argue with Becky.


This was Chancie’s birthday party.  They all had matching Mickey Mouse footie pajamas.  Only Lacey is gifted enough to find Mickey Mouse footie pajamas to fit her 6’4″ monster of a husband.


They look like they’re having a ton of fun.


“Josh could you come itch my nose, I’m suck here.”


The next Eminem.


They took a selfie on mom’s phone.  Surprise!

Discoveries on Mom’s phone

Most of you reading this are close enough to me & my family to know that my mom passed away very suddenly exactly a month ago (give or take a few days).

Those of you that knew mom well know that she liked to collect……. ‘Stuff’.  Nothing specific, just ‘stuff’, as much ‘stuff’ as she could get her hands on.  If you didn’t know her very well you will have a hard time trying to imagine her gift of ‘stuff’ collecting.  But I think you will enjoy this post anyway.

As you can imagine this is at times very frustrating for us.  There is so much ‘stuff’ to go through!  There’s lot of cursing, lots of laughs & giggles, lots of questions we wish we could ask her (First of all what were you planning to do with this, & did you really need three of them?)

We have recovered four, yes I said 4, cell phones.  We have sold 2 of them & still have 2 left.  (p.s. if you need a new cell phone let me know.  If we don’t have one you like, we will put you on the waiting list for future discoveries)

The most exciting part of finding all these phones is the pictures.  Each one is like a photo album of the time period she had that phone.

I recently passed one on to my friend Virginia.  Before she took it I transferred mom’s photo album over to my phone.

Caution….. this is going to cause a lot of laughing & probably a few tears.

So here’s the recipe for this post:


Chancie Rahe Turner
Corbin Jay Turner

You will see these two turkeys in this collection the most.  She seemed to like them very much.

Mr. & Mrs. Josh & Lacey Turner
a.k.a. Chancie & Corbin’s mom & dad

This dress makes me want to go…… Eyiyiyiyiyiyiyi Ariiiiba (I think that is spelled correctly.)

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy & Emily Rippe
a.k.a. Chancie & Corbin’s aunt & uncle

Mrs. Turner & I also have a brother, Taylor.  He lives in Pratt, KS.  If he were closer I’m sure you would see more of him in this collection.  But for now he will have to be here in spirit. 🙂

Family photos of the Turner’s. What a stud muffin (I’m talking about baby Corbin of course)
Did she win? I have no idea. But there is no way to really lose when you’re rockin’ a purple cowboy hat!
And the final score is:
Corbin: 0
Spaghetti Dinner: 1
Yep that’s a toilet. Only Becky would have a picture of a random toilet on her phone. I have no explanation for this….. but do you really need one. It looks nice. I would take a seat.

Sorry, I can’t figure out how to rotate this picture.

This was obviously a wild day! Only a grandma & granddaughter could make a night out of colored water & foam rollers.


The hair curler project must have been VERY exciting for the Corb.
“Go ahead, make my day”


IMG_20130808_225816_879 (1)
Do you suppose he tried to take the gun away from her?
Yep, that’s the same girl that was wielding the gun a minute ago.
Big Corb’s first haircut. I believe mom was responsible for first haircuts for majority of the Washington, KS children.
I’m going to venture out & say that he can thank Chancie Rahe for this moment in history.
This picture was taken at my Jeremy & I's house. We weren't there.  I received via text mid afternoon with a message "nice couch, very comfy, do you have any snacks?"
This picture was taken at my friend Jeremy & I’s house. We weren’t there. I received this photo via text mid afternoon with a message “nice couch, very comfy, do you have any snacks?”
This one has a paparazzi feel to it. I’m picturing her sneaking around the corner & giggling.
These are two of mom’s favorites. It’s hard to tell whether she’s taking a picture of Corbin or Annabelle (the furry one)
“Oh Grandma”
This is Val's surprise birthday party.  She was so surprised she cried.  Four good looking women.
This is Val’s surprise birthday party. She was so surprised she cried. Four good looking women.
I have this at my house now.  I tried to make a bet with my friend Jeremy about what color the blooms would be.  I guessed hot pink....WINNER!
I have this at my house now. I tried to make a bet with my friend Jeremy about what color the blooms would be. I guessed hot pink….WINNER!
Yet another fine example of Becky’s ‘stuff’ This would be one of at least four Christmas trees we have found in various places.
What is going on here Dana? Carnival?
Does this count as ‘sexting’ Lol she took a picture of Lacey’s ass?
Spike a.k.a Fuzz Muffin.

I am very excited to see what else we find.

I hope you enjoyed this one.  Please share with anyone you think would get a giggle or a memory from it.

Peace out,


There's a recipe for every part of our life. My goal is to collect and share as many as I can.