The Christmas Tree Project

Jeremy got another little taste of the rest of his life again a few weeks ago…………………….

We sent my dad to Amarillo this year for his birthday.  He’s been hinting around for years that he’d really like to go down and watch the ranch rodeo finals.  So it seemed like the perfect birthday present!

He and Rox had a great time, but that really has nothing to do with this post 🙂 ….Sorry dad & Rox, glad you had fun and all……… But,

The important part was what Rox brought home.

She bought the coolest Christmas tree down there at one of the trade shows.  It’s 3′ tall & made of wrapped up barbed wire.  I love it!

So of course my next thought is……. “hey, I could make one of those!”

Which is where that love of my life Jeremy comes in to the picture, because in reality I was saying “hey, Jeremy could make one of those”

Which really wouldn’t be a big deal…….. if I just wanted a 3′ tree.

And the project begins.

I spent a few good evening designing out the perfect tree.  The biggest problem was that it had to fit through the basement doorway for storage.  But I wanted a much bigger tree than what would fit through that doorway!

So in the end, again, Jeremy & I designed the perfect tree.  HaHa I gave him my design, complete with illustrations and instructions.  And the he built it his way!  But it turned out AMAZING!


My dad came over a few Sunday’s ago.  So we put him to work.  It looks like he was in charge of ….. holding it up maybe?

They only received a few cuts and scrapes during this process.

I checked before hand, Jeremy is current on his Tetanus Vaccine and dad didn’t know when his last one was, but he was willing to take the risk.

This part took a good long while.  My job at this point was to take pictures and have a snack.


In the house all put together.



The decorating was my part of the project.

I only got myself all tangled up once while wrapping it with lights, rope and burlap.  Barbed wire and fleece pajama pants, what can I say.  But only once is a pretty big deal.


It’s beautiful all lit up!

As you can see, it’s definitely more than 3′ tall.

Turned out probably 7′ tall, maybe almost 4′ at the bottom and it comes apart into three sections for easy storage and carrying, it is very heavy.




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