Supper For My Sweety

My dear sweet husband Jeremy put up a Facebook post last night that caused somewhat of a ….. eh I don’t know.  It got a lot of comments.

Basically he REALLY like the supper I made for us.

So as promised, here are some pictures of our delightful dish.

Pardon the photography….. I’m getting better.  Don’t come near me… I’ll take your picture!


This is stuffed chicken breast.  (The stuffing is cream cheese, diced tomatoes & green chilies & green onions.)

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

Asparagus & grape tomatoes with garlic parmesan sauce.


I also have pictures of some of the “giants” I got to use for this plate full of deliciousness.


Check out this giant spud.  I have a whole bag of these, they’re great, it only takes one potato for both Jeremy & I… and that usually leaves left overs.

I had to use this particular potato………..


….. because when I was digging through the bag I dropped this poor guy down the stairs.  As you can see, it bounced a few time.

Very tasty though!


And then there’s these giant cloves of garlic.  I LOVE garlic, these are like two little angels on my counter top.

Supper with my sweety was very very tasty.

However we may still be dragon breathing with all that garlic.



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