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This is a collection of ‘Life’s’ recipes. Enjoy!

The Christmas Tree Project

Jeremy got another little taste of the rest of his life again a few weeks ago…………………….

We sent my dad to Amarillo this year for his birthday.  He’s been hinting around for years that he’d really like to go down and watch the ranch rodeo finals.  So it seemed like the perfect birthday present!

He and Rox had a great time, but that really has nothing to do with this post 🙂 ….Sorry dad & Rox, glad you had fun and all……… But,

The important part was what Rox brought home.

She bought the coolest Christmas tree down there at one of the trade shows.  It’s 3′ tall & made of wrapped up barbed wire.  I love it!

So of course my next thought is……. “hey, I could make one of those!”

Which is where that love of my life Jeremy comes in to the picture, because in reality I was saying “hey, Jeremy could make one of those”

Which really wouldn’t be a big deal…….. if I just wanted a 3′ tree.

And the project begins.

I spent a few good evening designing out the perfect tree.  The biggest problem was that it had to fit through the basement doorway for storage.  But I wanted a much bigger tree than what would fit through that doorway!

So in the end, again, Jeremy & I designed the perfect tree.  HaHa I gave him my design, complete with illustrations and instructions.  And the he built it his way!  But it turned out AMAZING!


My dad came over a few Sunday’s ago.  So we put him to work.  It looks like he was in charge of ….. holding it up maybe?

They only received a few cuts and scrapes during this process.

I checked before hand, Jeremy is current on his Tetanus Vaccine and dad didn’t know when his last one was, but he was willing to take the risk.

This part took a good long while.  My job at this point was to take pictures and have a snack.


In the house all put together.



The decorating was my part of the project.

I only got myself all tangled up once while wrapping it with lights, rope and burlap.  Barbed wire and fleece pajama pants, what can I say.  But only once is a pretty big deal.


It’s beautiful all lit up!

As you can see, it’s definitely more than 3′ tall.

Turned out probably 7′ tall, maybe almost 4′ at the bottom and it comes apart into three sections for easy storage and carrying, it is very heavy.




My Snow Pants Wouldn’t Button… Yikes!

You know how things sometimes just well…… get away from you.

Well I recently discovered, while on vacation getting ready for a snowmobile adventure, that my snow pants refused to button.


However you can’t even tell right.  Lol, I just rolled with it.

So anyway.  It was apparent to me that something had to change!  I really don’t want to have to buy new snow pants.  I only wear them once a year for goodness sakes.


So this my friends is the menu for the day.

And it is VERY pretty, if I must say so myself.

Just in case you didn’t notice….. I seem to be in the middle of some kind of Mason Jar obsession right not.  they seem to work for EVERYTHING!


These are the Bloody Marys I mixed up for vacation.  No mixing necessary, shake it up & there you have it…. heavenly deliciousness!

No, the camp dry in the background is not part of my Bloody Mary recipe.  That’s for Jeremy snow pant….. they did fit.  hrrrumph….. men, their pants always fit.

This has nothing to do with my new eating plan.  Just wanted to show you that the mason jar thing is a bit out of control.  Not necessarily a bad thing though.

So back to my snow pant not buttoning.

I could barely get all that to fit in my lunch bag.  But with some careful packing away I went to work with my healthy & pretty lunch.


When I got home from work…… I was STARVING!!!

But my dear Jeremy proposed that we take these handsome boys for a little run.

Lol, I don’t want you to be mistaken…. they run, I don’t, I just follow along behind them and try to climb the hills and not fall down the other side.

But aren’t they handsome.



We stopped by the barn to do chores before our hike.  The Bear & Diesel though they were getting a new diet plan too.  They were really excited.

This is Jeremy shooooing them away “Get out of there, you guys aren’t horses.  Hey quit it, Em Bear’s trying to eat all the grain.”

Also, this is apparently a very comfortable way to sit while eating all the grain.  Geesh





Yea……. that was pretty much the end of my new eating plan.


This was the start of supper.

It was amazing………

Turns out….. I’m just tooooooo hungry.

I’ll just have to go on more hikes with all my handsome boys.

And maybe learn how to sew…. just in case I need some kind of extender on my snow pants before vacation next year.

Supper For My Sweety

My dear sweet husband Jeremy put up a Facebook post last night that caused somewhat of a ….. eh I don’t know.  It got a lot of comments.

Basically he REALLY like the supper I made for us.

So as promised, here are some pictures of our delightful dish.

Pardon the photography….. I’m getting better.  Don’t come near me… I’ll take your picture!


This is stuffed chicken breast.  (The stuffing is cream cheese, diced tomatoes & green chilies & green onions.)

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

Asparagus & grape tomatoes with garlic parmesan sauce.


I also have pictures of some of the “giants” I got to use for this plate full of deliciousness.


Check out this giant spud.  I have a whole bag of these, they’re great, it only takes one potato for both Jeremy & I… and that usually leaves left overs.

I had to use this particular potato………..


….. because when I was digging through the bag I dropped this poor guy down the stairs.  As you can see, it bounced a few time.

Very tasty though!


And then there’s these giant cloves of garlic.  I LOVE garlic, these are like two little angels on my counter top.

Supper with my sweety was very very tasty.

However we may still be dragon breathing with all that garlic.


The Sleepover at Grandpa’s


So… Friday night was a pretty big night, for all involved.


 This has been a long time coming.

So Friday night we all went out to Larry’s for supper.  Lacey made scrumptious pork burgers & curly fries.  Oh so yummy!  Everyone was happy &…….very full.

But after supper was the exciting part.  We were all leaving.  Except Chancie & grandpa!

They were going to have their very first sleepover, just the two of them!  Oh Boy!


They sat in the chair for quite a while discussing their plan for the night.


There it is!  The sleeping bag!  (I’m so proud)

This is how we left them.  She looks wild & awake & well….. Chancie like.

I talked to the grandpa the next afternoon.  He said everything went great.  

Much to my disappointment it sounded like they had a very uneventful & early night.