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Bad Fruit Soon….I Don’t Think So!

So we recently came back from vacation and discovered a few poor innocent apples and oranges that would soon meet their demise.

I just couldn’t stand for it.

And if I didn’t do something with them before they went bad I would have to see that “look” from my dear Jeremy.  The “look” that has no words….. but it says “Em, did you buy too much stuff again & most of it went bad?”

The “look” makes me very sad.

Then I suddenly had visions of Apple Butter & Orange Marmalade… then my tummy growled.

Then I started thinking about everything I could make to put them on!  Then……..

Whoa Whoa Who… Sometimes my mind goes CRAZY & I have to rewind to the original thought.

So back to apples & oranges.


The apple butter came first.

By the way, check it out!  That is one single strand of apple peel & a bald apple.  Yep!  It’s the small things that matter & this really mattered!

Turns out this wasn’t enough apples for even half of the recipe I was using.  So I had to smuggle in a couple others that I bought last weekend.  But whatever it takes right?


Next was the marmilade.

I love these striped oranges.  They seem… I don’t know… tropical?  I have no idea why.

I also got to use this utensil that I’ve had since about 2007 without a single use.  As a matter of fact, until now I never really realized what it’s purpose was.

It’s all about making sure all my kitchen utensils feel important & needed. 🙂


Here is the beautiful grand finale.  I ended up with a good amount of marmalade.

Which of course freed (spellling?) my brain to venture into everything I could do with this wonderful “re-purposed” fruit.

My vision includes little pieces of breaded & fried chicken, sesame seeds, the leftover fried rice in the freezer & a new crab rangoon recipe that I’ve been dying to try out!  OH MY!


This picture includes the lone jar of apple butter.  It didn’t make much, but it will make me happy for at least a day or two.

And notice the canning tongs bombed this picture.

I just now realized I am really humanizing my kitchen utensils.


This poor spatula made the ultimate sacrifice.  It was a sad moment.  But I appreciate all of it’s hard work.

So….. Did I let that precious fruit go to waste?  I don’t think so!

And no of course I am NOT thinking of what do just in case this happens to any more of my fruit purchases.

I do however have three bananas in the freezer…. I have a master plan for them.

To be continued……..