Discoveries on Mom’s phone

Most of you reading this are close enough to me & my family to know that my mom passed away very suddenly exactly a month ago (give or take a few days).

Those of you that knew mom well know that she liked to collect……. ‘Stuff’.  Nothing specific, just ‘stuff’, as much ‘stuff’ as she could get her hands on.  If you didn’t know her very well you will have a hard time trying to imagine her gift of ‘stuff’ collecting.  But I think you will enjoy this post anyway.

As you can imagine this is at times very frustrating for us.  There is so much ‘stuff’ to go through!  There’s lot of cursing, lots of laughs & giggles, lots of questions we wish we could ask her (First of all what were you planning to do with this, & did you really need three of them?)

We have recovered four, yes I said 4, cell phones.  We have sold 2 of them & still have 2 left.  (p.s. if you need a new cell phone let me know.  If we don’t have one you like, we will put you on the waiting list for future discoveries)

The most exciting part of finding all these phones is the pictures.  Each one is like a photo album of the time period she had that phone.

I recently passed one on to my friend Virginia.  Before she took it I transferred mom’s photo album over to my phone.

Caution….. this is going to cause a lot of laughing & probably a few tears.

So here’s the recipe for this post:


Chancie Rahe Turner
Corbin Jay Turner

You will see these two turkeys in this collection the most.  She seemed to like them very much.

Mr. & Mrs. Josh & Lacey Turner
a.k.a. Chancie & Corbin’s mom & dad

This dress makes me want to go…… Eyiyiyiyiyiyiyi Ariiiiba (I think that is spelled correctly.)

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy & Emily Rippe
a.k.a. Chancie & Corbin’s aunt & uncle

Mrs. Turner & I also have a brother, Taylor.  He lives in Pratt, KS.  If he were closer I’m sure you would see more of him in this collection.  But for now he will have to be here in spirit. 🙂

Family photos of the Turner’s. What a stud muffin (I’m talking about baby Corbin of course)
Did she win? I have no idea. But there is no way to really lose when you’re rockin’ a purple cowboy hat!
And the final score is:
Corbin: 0
Spaghetti Dinner: 1
Yep that’s a toilet. Only Becky would have a picture of a random toilet on her phone. I have no explanation for this….. but do you really need one. It looks nice. I would take a seat.

Sorry, I can’t figure out how to rotate this picture.

This was obviously a wild day! Only a grandma & granddaughter could make a night out of colored water & foam rollers.


The hair curler project must have been VERY exciting for the Corb.
“Go ahead, make my day”


IMG_20130808_225816_879 (1)
Do you suppose he tried to take the gun away from her?
Yep, that’s the same girl that was wielding the gun a minute ago.
Big Corb’s first haircut. I believe mom was responsible for first haircuts for majority of the Washington, KS children.
I’m going to venture out & say that he can thank Chancie Rahe for this moment in history.
This picture was taken at my Jeremy & I's house. We weren't there.  I received via text mid afternoon with a message "nice couch, very comfy, do you have any snacks?"
This picture was taken at my friend Jeremy & I’s house. We weren’t there. I received this photo via text mid afternoon with a message “nice couch, very comfy, do you have any snacks?”
This one has a paparazzi feel to it. I’m picturing her sneaking around the corner & giggling.
These are two of mom’s favorites. It’s hard to tell whether she’s taking a picture of Corbin or Annabelle (the furry one)
“Oh Grandma”
This is Val's surprise birthday party.  She was so surprised she cried.  Four good looking women.
This is Val’s surprise birthday party. She was so surprised she cried. Four good looking women.
I have this at my house now.  I tried to make a bet with my friend Jeremy about what color the blooms would be.  I guessed hot pink....WINNER!
I have this at my house now. I tried to make a bet with my friend Jeremy about what color the blooms would be. I guessed hot pink….WINNER!
Yet another fine example of Becky’s ‘stuff’ This would be one of at least four Christmas trees we have found in various places.
What is going on here Dana? Carnival?
Does this count as ‘sexting’ Lol she took a picture of Lacey’s ass?
Spike a.k.a Fuzz Muffin.

I am very excited to see what else we find.

I hope you enjoyed this one.  Please share with anyone you think would get a giggle or a memory from it.

Peace out,



9 thoughts on “Discoveries on Mom’s phone”

  1. Ok after looking a little closer at the pic, I realized that it was our toilet at the house in town……she copied a pic of it, cause she couldn’t figure out why a renter would leave cat crap on the floor when they moved out! She copied it to show others….

  2. Thank you Em for sharing these photographs from your Mom’s phone. They are beautiful, entertaining, touching and filled with love.

  3. I just loved this! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I bet your mom is grinning as you “snoop” through her phone and see all the little moments she loved!

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