The Sleepover at Grandpa’s


So… Friday night was a pretty big night, for all involved.


 This has been a long time coming.

So Friday night we all went out to Larry’s for supper.  Lacey made scrumptious pork burgers & curly fries.  Oh so yummy!  Everyone was happy &…….very full.

But after supper was the exciting part.  We were all leaving.  Except Chancie & grandpa!

They were going to have their very first sleepover, just the two of them!  Oh Boy!


They sat in the chair for quite a while discussing their plan for the night.


There it is!  The sleeping bag!  (I’m so proud)

This is how we left them.  She looks wild & awake & well….. Chancie like.

I talked to the grandpa the next afternoon.  He said everything went great.  

Much to my disappointment it sounded like they had a very uneventful & early night.


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